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  • 2019.05.21
  • 2019.06.06

 5G started in Korea, still need to see the transition from 4G|Yasuhiro Yamane’s World Mobile Report

  5G service started in Korea from April 3rd. It is the first in the world that Korea’s three major telecommunications carriers, SK Telecom, KT, and LG U +, will launch 5G. The same 5G service started in the United States with a delay of the same days, but with the situation where only Verizon is still one, Korea is about to start the full-scale spread of 5G ahead of the world. The characteristics of 5G are “ultra high speed” […]

  • 2019.04.01
  • 2019.04.25

The new era name is determined by the Japanese.The remainder of Heisei, the smartphone also reborn to a new generation?Mobile junction of Ryuji Ikehata

Today, it was announced that the new original issue was decided by the government. It came to see the retrospective of Heisei in various media approaching the end of Heisei, but I tried to consider how the smartphone is showing signs of change for the age of the new decree. About 10 years ago, smartphones for consumers Japan launched. From now, about ten years ago, in July 2009, a AndroidOS smartphone called HT-03A from DoCoMo was released. The iPhone, which […]

  • 2019.03.27
  • 2019.04.24

[Mobile industry, Heisei and the era] from flat plate to folding type.The smartphone that changed with Heisei [shape] | Yasuhiro Yamane’s World Mobile Report

Many people think that a recent smartphone has more of a similar design.Since the iPhone appeared in 2007, each manufacturer focused on the development of smartphones with touch panel operations.The terminal with the keyboard which was popular at one o’clock is still a few models of the BlackBerry. Before the iPhone appeared, however, there were various forms of mobile phones and smartphones. I would like to see how the design of mobile phones and smartphones changed, and now we will […]

  • 2019.03.27
  • 2019.04.24

[Mobile industry, Heisei and the era] history of reading from mobile phone games | Mobile junction of Ryuji Ikehata

About 25 years ago, at that time I had to play and defeat the PDA (* 1) in possession of several.Then, it inevitably migrated to the pager and PHS, and the cell phone was used. At first, the mobile phone is also a tool of the work, it was not the object of the collection and research as of now, “DoCoMo NOKIA NM502i” That was purchased casually became a trigger to now. The NM502i was released in 2000, but I […]

  • 2019.03.18
  • 2019.04.23

Smart phone was full of attractions CES2019 | Yamane Yasuhiro’s World Mobile Report

The “CES2019” held in Las Vegas in January is the world’s largest IT-related exhibition.In the past few years, automakers have been exhibiting more and more, and the areas covered by IT have been expanding significantly.At the booth of each consumer electronics manufacturer, Google staff who wore a matching “Google Assistant Jacket” was stationed, and it operated the home appliance by “OK, Google” cheer.TV and air conditioning are now in the age of voice manipulation. The new smartphone product will be […]