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The concept of the mobile General University is “the media that enjoys learning about mobile apps and IoT.”
IT is a blog media for IT business person and mobile phone lovers in the 20s and 40s.We deliver the knowledge and news that modern “Keitai life” is fun.

Mobile College

This article contains examples and columns of next-generation technology, focusing on the first line of the mobile industry, Yuichi Kogure, Mr. Yasuhiro Yamane, Ryuji Ikehata, and a series of three “mobile phone researchers”.

Column in series

Yuichi KogureThe walking path of Yuichi Kogure

Mr. Yasuhiro YamaneYasuhiro Yamane’s World Mobile Report

Mr. Takashi IkehataMobile junction of Ryuji Ikehata

Asai Planning Game Club logoIntroduction of smartphone games of Asai Planning Game Club


Management company

We operate the next-generation marketing support business using biometric information, and Webrage Co., Ltd., a business that supports the quality improvement of IT services.If you have any problems with the quality of your IT services or systems, please contact us.