Asai Kikaku Game Club’s smartphone game introduction: The 11th meeting of Fate with "cute" him!」

 Asai Kikaku Game Club’s smartphone game introduction: The 11th meeting of Fate with "cute" him!」

Maho Hashimoto

How do you do!It is Maho Hashimoto of the Asai planning game department.

I also love to play games on PS4, switch
and game consoles!Here is what I introduce this time.

Pinball × monster breeding battle [Pinball Butlers]

Pin-dove for short!It is a game where the Ally Monster becomes a ball, and the enemy is defeated using Monster’s body hit and magic.

And this game, what a Gacha!All monsters are available as Battle rewards.

I installed the app with a smile from the usual gacha bad luck!

Easy operation and fun battles


When you start to play, what I mean, the hamster skin will explain the game.His name is Hoshi-Ham.

Because it is a thing with the bullet of me because I prepared the harabote of the Super Zaco in the tutorial, I send him of just the encounter with boom to a pinball stand.

By the way, because I was a secretary department at the University, I was worried about the wording of Mr. Hoshiham earlier.

I’m sure you’re a college teacher.

Do you have a little time? Thank you for using me because I prepared a low-grade practice table for your explanation.

While remembering the old days and I would say, Hoshi-kun will return to the explanation because I want to stay like this.

The operation is easy, and if you tap the right half of the screen, the left flipper moves if you tap the left half.

How to attack bumpers and slingshot

There is an HP in the monster, and the MP hits the bumper and the slingshot several times and it gives a special technique and magic to the auto.The rest is concentrated on the pinball operation so as not to fall, it hits the enemy directly or attack with a special technique and defeat it.

All right, I remember the operation!Thanks for teaching me, Hoshi-ham!

Various stages and deepening bonds

First, we aim to clear the stage using Hoshi-ham.

It seems to increase the speed when I hit the bumper, and because it does not fall to flipper, I shortly play at all and defeated the enemy fast.

I already won!

NotI already won!

You could afford it, but you can watch TV.

During a bunch of what I thought, the situation will change by how many or get a new monster that came out as an enemy because you have cleared.

Because it is that you can organize up to three parties one party, set to choose the children look cute.

Kick Emergency!First of all, I play Hoshi-ham with room.

…?What’s this?

There is also a sortie button on the other two bodies.

Yes, it is possible to fight in the pinball stand what three bodies at the same time!

I have never been a match to throw out all the balls because it is a generation that has grown up to see the appearance that SA ○ Shi is fighting po ○ mon in battle since childhood.What a fun!

I turned off the TV and got three sorties.

Very busy!

This is honestly so pretty busy!

Magic Ma-chan (my recommendation) of the new character is a bear ball, but it comes out three balls that can attack.It is good to play many times to hit the enemy yet!

But I’m busy playing three balls + three monsters.

So even though I had never dropped it when I was alone with Hoshi-Ham, I couldn’t finish playing it.

But, it is possible to sortie as many times as HP remains!In addition, I noticed that I will recover a little if I let the monster wait as it is.

What a kind system it is.

It is clear to match the power of everyone while being impressed!

Bonus Stage

I forgot to mention this game, you can absolutely bonus stage for each stage clear.

Like Ruby is available here.In other words, I will accumulate more and more like a ruby if you clear more and more?!Thank you, Operation!

And, various kinds of stages come out, too.

Or a forest or a desert, and if there is a part that eats damage and hit, I will challenge to change the organization to match the enemy you are good or weak!

As the stage was clear, the enemy who could not defeat appeared.The enemy’s attack power is high and it goes down immediately.

Magic Ma-chan

And try to open the magic Ma Chan casually in the organization screen regretting… The button of “Kikimi”!

Yes, I was fighting for the first time, but it seems like I can level up for each item.

In my own words, I did not notice that these children were hard working with smiles.

But these kids were fighting without complaining.

Love has been crowded up.

I’ll make it stronger now.I use the coin which I have and a ruby one, and am a man.

Because we are strong, we will hold!”I felt like I heard such a voice.

And kick Emergency!

The enemy who was not able to defeat a little while ago came to defeat crispy.


And the Encounter of Destiny.He is.



So cute, isn’t it?Topknot to the dog!Cute, isn’t it?

Anyway, it was love at first sight.

Moreover, the special technique is strong.Its name is ‘ Samidare cut ‘.

I’m addicted to the monster I collected every day and now the party is like this.

Collected Monsters and parties

Oh, cute.

The girl is weak to a pretty thing after all.

Even when the advertisement enters “CM” is also one fun to tell me “CM open” I want you to see!

I’m curious. Let’s start right away.

Let’s pin-bat!

Rating of this game (10 points!)

Old and young enjoy the time… 1
0 points in a crowded train… Ei
ght points new Chara get to use Hoshi ham… 8 points

Game Information

Pinball Butlers

Pinball Butlers

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