Smart phone was full of attractions CES2019 | Yamane Yasuhiro’s World Mobile Report

Smart phone was full of attractions CES2019 | Yamane Yasuhiro’s World Mobile Report

The “CES2019” held in Las Vegas in January is the world’s largest IT-related exhibition.In the past few years, automakers have been exhibiting more and more, and the areas covered by IT have been expanding significantly.At the booth of each consumer electronics manufacturer, Google staff who wore a matching “Google Assistant Jacket” was stationed, and it operated the home appliance by “OK, Google” cheer.TV and air conditioning are now in the age of voice manipulation. The new smartphone product will be launched at MWC in Barcelona in February of next month.For this reason, CES has already exhibited products that have been announced, and there are few cases where there is a noticeable presentation. However, in this year’s CES2019, there has been a lot of attention on smartphones that have already been announced. The most popular of all exhibits in CES2019 was Royole’s “FlexPai”. The world’s first bendable display = a smart phone with a folder bull display, announced in November 2018 ahead of Samsung.If you open a 7.8-inch tablet, the I close my is a 4.3-inch double-sided smartphone, FlexPai was the first to exhibit at a large exhibition, so it was not covered in CES2019-related articles. [Caption id = “attachment_12709” align = “aligncenter” width = “400”] Royole’s FlexPai [/captiRoyole FlexPaion] Royole is a startup company founded in 2012, focusing on the development of thin-film displays.A wearable device that sewed a flexible display on a T-shirt or hat has already been released, but it did not become a very big topic for a product that was only odd. But FlexPai has been announcing the concept of Samsung for several years from the world’s first smartphone with a freely curved display, it became the presence to attract attention to be able to say the protagonist in CES2019.While Royole exhibited at CES for the first time, the booth was set up near the entrance of the exhibition hall, and visitors were not interrupted during the exhibition. Another notable smartphone is Nubia’s “Nubia X”.Nubia X is the world’s first “two-screen color display smartphone” that has been on display on the back of the smartphone. Even though there were several products such as “Yota Phone” in both screens, the back side had a drawback to use as a smartphone with a monochrome display.In the past, both screens were electronic paper displays with one side, and the other was the idea of using the back side as an ebook reader. But Nubia X is also a color display on the back side, not only can be used as a smartphone to turn over, it is also possible to use as a second display, such as displaying a clock and notifications on the back.

Double-sided color display Nubia X
olor display Nubia X

Nubia also CES is the first exhibit.Nubia was formerly a subsidiary of ZTE, and has now become an affiliated company due to the drop in the investment ratio.Due to the sanctions imposed by the U.S. Ministry of Internal Affairs and communications in 2018, ZTE has been greatly affected by the sales of smartphones in the United States as well as in the entire world, and has not exhibited at CES. Nubia, on the other hand, has been developing products in the center of China, but is looking to move Nubia X into the overseas market. ZTE smartphones have fewer distinctive products than the AXON M, a folding terminal released in 2017, and the international competitiveness is weakening.Nubia might be trying to aim the global market in a way that would replace ZTE. Nubia also exhibited a gaming smartphone called Red Magic Mars, which specializes in games.The RAM10GB/ROM256GB model is well equipped with Snapdragon 845, and it is excellent for game operation and visual effects such as the soft key on the side of the body and LED light shining on the back 16.8 million color. Like Nubia X, there was a terminal that was not sold only in Chinese, and the visitor’s attention was high. [Caption id = “attachment_12709” align = “aligncenter” width = “400”] Nubia’s Red MaNubia Red Magic Mars Gaming smartphonegic Mars is the Razer “Razer Phone” gaming smartphone that’s been on the global market as a gaming smart phone. The product in this field is still low profile.Other than Nubia, such as SHA-I and ASUS have commercialized gaming smartphones, but there may come a time when these smart phones will be exhibited in the exhibition related to games. Gaming smartphones are likely to increase their attention. [Caption id = “attachment_12709” align = “aligncenter” width = “400”] Razer has entered the smartphone markRazer enters the smartphone market with only gaming deviceset with only gaming devices [/cattion] Well, since the iPhone X, which appeared in September 2017, the front camera and face authentication sensor were collected at the top of the display. A smart phone with a notch display spread quickly.The notch portion at the top of the display is now accepted by consumers without discomfort. However, the movement to eliminate this “notch” has progressed sharply since the second half of 2018. Stylish’s “U30″ employs a “punch-hole display” with a hole in the front camera at the top left of the display instead of a notch.This makes it possible to see the entire front part of the display, and to realize the full screen. Because there is no notch, the glass which protects the display also eliminates the need for special processing, and the design looks more clear than anything else.

Stylish adopts punch hole display
le display

as a TV manufacturer, the major TCL Exhibited a punch hole display by a subsidiary display manufacturer.Samsung and LG are served the display of smartphones in-house, and generally procure parts from display manufacturers. The fact that TCL exhibited a punch-hole display at CES has already received orders and requests from many smartphone manufacturers and expects it to be the mainstream in 2019.

TCL Punch Hole Display
ch-hole display

TCL is a BlackBerry branded smartphone and Alcatel brand terminal.However, the company’s booth had a poor presence in both products, and the company’s product development strategy, which was focusing on midrange and low-cost models, has backfired. The brand image of the entire maker does not rise without the high-end smartphone still.BlackBerry handsets with QWERTY keyboards also remain a niche presence. BlackBerry popularity is one of the reasons why QWERTY keyboard users have plummeted.However, there is an emerging maker who dares to compete with the QWERTY keyboard terminal. “Cosmo Communicator”, which has succeeded in funding the Planet Computers with crowdfunding and is now manufacturing, is a smart phone with a full-fledged large keyboard that can be used in lieu of notebooks.

If you open the keyboard terminal, you can also use Cosmo Communicator
you can also use it to close Cosmo Communicator

The size of the Cosmo Communicator that fits into the chest pocket opens when you open a 6-inch display and one independent QWERTY keyboard appears. Each key has a trapezoidal cross section, and there is also a gap between the left and right keys, so you can do a comfortable typing by putting it on the desk or holding it in the hand.And even in the closed state, you can perform simple operation such as a call using a 2-inch display built in upper lid. Planet Computers has released nearly the same style of “Gemini PDA” in 2017, and Cosmo Communicator has emerged as a top model in just one year.It is not a semi-halfway keyboard product for a niche target, but it succeeds in acquiring a new user base by creating a terminal with a solid practicality. Japanese fans are many, and there are Japanese keyboard models as well. There were also many smartphones that supported the latest technology “5G”.Samsung, OPPO, Vivo, and smartphone sales units in the world have been exhibiting a total of 5G compatible handsets. The exhibits in the showcase are not known, but the booth staff explained that they were actually equipped with 5G modems and exhibited a model that could be operated on.

5G smartphone is finally coming.Samsung also exhibits Galaxy-based models
hone is finally coming.Samsung also exhibited Galaxy-based models

Qualcomm exhibited a smartphone reference model that actually incorporates the company’s 5G Modem “X50” A 4K video streaming reception demonstration was performed at a 5G communication speed. In 5G, high frequency bands, such as 28GHz and 38GHz, use “millimeter wave” radio waves.The millimeter wave is difficult to use on a smart phone because it is hard to go to the shadow of the building.Qualcomm also exhibited a dedicated antenna to increase the sensitivity of the millimeter wave, and also appealed to the technology to respond to the sensitivity problem of 5G smartphones. [Caption id = “attachment_12709” align = “aligncenter” width = “400”] QualcoQualcomm's 5G reference modem.Four millimeter-wave antennas are also’s 5G reference modem.Four millimeter-wave antennas are also built in [/cattion] looking back at the CES2019 in this way, we have exhibited a number of smartphones equipped with the latest trends and next-generation technology, I was able to check the latest status of the smartphone before MWC. In the rear of the smartphone is equipped with a Canon EF lens cloak, such as Yonguno “YN450” that can be attached to the digital camera lens, was also exhibited smartphone equipped with features that can be called a jump, I didn’t have time to get to the company booth from among the huge CES2019 venues. The number of manufacturers exhibiting at CES is the largest in the world, and even if you just go around the venue from a smartphone perspective, you will still find bargains and unknown products. It is the real thrill of the overseas large exhibition to see the glamorous new product presentation of major manufacturers, but I do not know if I find anything until I go, CES is also an exhibition that can be such a treasure hunt.

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