A demonstration experiment of drone-related technology development in Aomori Prefecture | The walking path of Yuichi Kogure

A demonstration experiment of drone-related technology development in Aomori Prefecture | The walking path of Yuichi Kogure

In recent years, I have been addicted to drones. The first time I picked up a drone, it was in early 2011.After the start of the shipment for Japan of the AR Drone of France and Parrot, it was from the place where the impulse purchase instinctively. This “AR Drone”, which also leaves a name in the history of drones, was one of the positioning of the four-rotor radio controlled helicopter to be operated by an iPhone or iPad app.What is “AR” is that the camera is mounted on the aircraft, and that the image is displayed on the screen of the application to steer, it was a breakthrough toy that can experience the viewpoint from the sky (now, though it became commonplace). After that, the product called the drone appeared various things from toys to professional, and I also purchased a small toy drone one after another, and played skipping.

Parrot Company "AR Drone"Parrot Co., Ltd. “AR Drone”

after that, I was touched by the Phantom series of DJI in China, and was thrilled with a very stable flying drone with GPS and various sensors. Speaking of drones up until then, it was necessary to have a substantial technique to fly in a stable, if the aircraft equipped with GPS functions such as Phantom, it is possible to fly in peace with confidence even for a beginner honestly.The arm of the maneuver is terribly raised and it is anxious. Looking at the rapid evolution of these drones, I have come to feel that drones are going to change the world tremendously in the future.Looking back on the Heisei era, mobile phones appeared in the world, so that the use of the Earth in a blink of an eye, and became a tool without the world through the multifunctional, I began to think that drones will change the world in the same way. From the standpoint of using in conjunction with a smartphone or tablet in the first place, as the author I was in the idea of about one of the IoT that leads to the smartphone, but recently the drone itself has been seen as a “flying smartphone” what should I say. As mobile phones have become more multifunctional, drones will be used in a variety of applications, and will be equipped with the necessary equipment for each industry, increasing variations. In addition, the basic technology of drones (such as the technology that makes stable flight based on the information of various sensors in the multi-wing) should develop into a vehicle on which one rides.In fact, the prototype of a helicopter, such as a hover bike and drone type, has begun in each country.In our country, A.L.I Technology Company launched the concept of a hover bike, and in March, the figure has been released to the surface of the aircraft as the bike is actually floating.They have already begun consultations with the Ministry of Automotive and Police agency traffic Safety Section, and are preparing to run on public roads around 2022. We believe that the future of drone-related services and technologies will have a major impact on the world, and will greatly change society, as mobile phones have been introduced into the world, and the mechanism of society has changed drastically.

Last year, we had a touch on the mock-up of the hover bike at A.L.I Technology Company!

Last year, I touched the hover bike mockup at AL Technology!

A.L.I Technology's hover bike "Speeder" image illustration
Image illustration of A.L.I Technology’s hover bike “Speeder” (provided by Drone Fund)

In the future, I am a major drone-related entrepreneur in Aomori Prefecture and a researcher at a university in the prefecture, Aomori Prefecture police headquarters, Aomori Prefecture Tourism Federation, Aomori Bank, In cooperation with the Michinoku Bank, we launched the “Aomori Drone Utilization Promotion Conference” (https://adup.info/), a group responsible for the promotion of drone industry in the prefecture, in October of last year. In addition, the founder and representative partner of Drone Fund to the adviser of the group, and Mr. Kotaro Chiba, also known as the first customer of Honda jet domestic investors, Drone Fund co-founder and representative partner, Mr. Ohmae has joined the company (in fact, when I was in office at KLab, Mr. Kotaro Chiba was the boss, and it was a relationship that I had to learn the know-how of public relations with the direct transfer from Mr. Chiba). In the Aomori public University Regional Cooperation Center, the secretariat is now the Director-General, and is promoting the planning of drone-related events in Aomori Prefecture and educational activities for safe operation. I work at Aomori Public university, but it is located outside the centralized district where drone flight is regulated, and if you take the prescribed procedure, you can fly the drone freely on campus.You can fly a drone in a ease, such as one between lectures and lectures. Great environment, isn’t it? The students of the laboratory are working hard at the practice diligently, receiving the flight permission and approval of the Ministry of Land voluntarily, and has already been active as a drone pilot several people.

From the sky, Aomori Public university campus (Aomori City, Mutsu Bay, the vast forest in sight is the site of the university)Aomori Public University Campus (Aomori City Area, Mutsu Bay Area, and the vast forest that spreads in the view are all sites of the university)


Aomori Public university Campus from the Sky (Schoolhouse and nearby Moya Ski resort, Hakkoda Federation)
Aomori Public University Campus (Schools and Neighboring Moysky Ski Areas, Hakkoda Mountain Range)

Also, Aomori Public university is close to Aomori airport, and the car is about 20 minutes away.Shinkansen can also be used (between Tokyo and Shin-Aomori, the fastest 2 hours and 59 minutes), which is a surprisingly easy place to go to Tokyo.

The location of the concentrated area around Aomori City (DID), Aomori Public university and Aomori Airport
The relationship between the population concentration area (DID) around Aomori City, Aomori Public University, and Aomori Airport

So In the future, Aomori Public university and Aomori City will actively approach the Tokyo drone-related development companies and promote projects that will utilize Aomori as a demonstration experiment environment. Drones for commercial use, or rides like those on the aforementioned hover bikes, are meaningless unless they can be safely flown in at least all weather conditions.In order to produce aircraft that can fly reliably in bad weather, it is not only rainy weather, but I think that the performance that can fly reliably even in the snowfall is demanded. The demonstration experiment environment where all the weather of the Japan including the heavy snowfall is matched, and the movement from Tokyo does not become it too much is clearly called Aomori Prefecture. The University campus offers free-use space for startups, as well as a number of co-working and share offices in Aomori City.With regard to collaborative research, there is a laboratory that uses drones for research at Aomori Public University, Hirosaki University, and Hachinohe Institute of Technology, and it is possible to cooperate in research and development. So, if you want to try a drone research and development, demonstration test, business development in the land of Aomori, please let me know by all means.I want to attract a lot of companies as a satellite office conducting drone-related technology demonstration test, and I will serve to support that.

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