Introduction of the smartphone game of the Asai Planning Game Club: the 10th "in the round and round of the From I in my throat"

Introduction of the smartphone game of the Asai Planning Game Club: the 10th "in the round and round of the From I in my throat"

Giant Jaian-yaThank you!ASAI Planning Game Club affiliation, the giant Jaian!This is the third time to appear!I’m already a veteran!
… Don’t you know what I’m doing?

Did you see the last baseball game article?[Blogcard url = “”] This is also popular, and where you have written that you want to drink with the author in the article, Let’s go and drink from the author on Twitter!
Oh, wow!I did it!I’ll definitely go drinking!
... Maybe it’s social polite!I know!

Dunkers-Basketball Madness

Now, I’ll introduce the game immediately!This time it’s Dunkers!
It’s a popular basketball game right now!Japan national team is also a sport with a momentum to set the World Cup!


Yes, Basketball!Basketball or…

No, it’s too much tension compared to the time of the last baseball!

Hey, I’m not good at basketball.When I was in junior high school, the ikeike was so hard to dribble in front of me deliberately when I did it together in physical education class, and I couldn’t do anything at that time.What the hell is that guy?

Even if I talk as it is, it comes to Muskamuka, so I will diverge in the game!

This [Dunkers] game is a basketball game that only dunk!
No knowledge of basketball is required!It is easy to operate and it is a game that anyone can do!

I see!I’m not good at basketball.

It’s fun to play basketball!

I’m going to start Dunkers!

There are three modes to choose from!

When I start the game, it becomes the mode selection screen first.

First of all, the BGM is good!

In the ♪, I am a person, and there is an individual difference in the way of hearing.

Insanely good isn’t it?While the game is playing, this song has been endlessly flowing forever, but I’m not far from the head!

Get the sound source in this somehow, I want to put in the smartphone!I want to be the song that comes when I manzai!I want to use it in alarm of alarm!… It’s too up-tempo to use!
The morning one is too surprised to be a heart!

Come to think of it, when you spend a while to the alarm of your favorite song, you do not like the song a little?The love of the song outweighs the hate of waking up in the morning!
I just like the yuzu ‘ summer color ‘ when I was on the alarm, but I liked it more than the dislike of waking up in the morning.I like Yuzu… You’re too derailed!I’ll talk back!

Three game modes: “ARCADE”, “CAREER” and “2PLAYER”!

It’s a luxury to play in so many different modes!

First, ARCADE mode from here

I will explain the flow of the game while doing “ARCADE”!

The rule of “ARCADE” mode is a knockout game!

A one-on-one match, the first to decide the goal (dunk) wins!
The simple!It’s a basic dunkers mode!

Full of characters to choose!Full!

Choose a character to use first!

What a character!All 30 species!There are many!
It is with the number of side dishes to be eaten in the day that Ministry of Health and Welfare Guidelines in 1985!30 Items a day!

You can not choose all the characters from the beginning, you’ll be open to the character and clear the condition that is going to play the game!

Still, there are many different characters!

Zangi ○ Fu?

NotZangi ○ Fu?Strike II!You can do basketball!

Bon ○ Man

Yes, Bon ○ Man


The name of the Bamboo favorite guy.If it was me, it is sushi…. Oh, no!

Bra ○ CA

NotIt’s a bra!Absolutely!It’s the second character from Strike II!And the name Blanko…. I’m a conviction!


First you can choose from the beginning, I’ll do with Pinko!Izumi Pinko.… I just wanted to say!

Easy to operate!And round and round!

The game starts with a jump ball!Aim at the goal on the right hand side of the screen!

There are only two buttons to use!

Game start

“Left button” if you want to move to the left, if you want to jump to the top right, “right button”!

Here is the miso of this game, the character in the move is always around the long arm is spinning!
Round and round!Round and round!

You can take the ball from the enemy by turning your arm around and the character dunk on the goal!
When the goal is decided, it is round and round!
So the password is round and round!

And round and round!

When the player has the ball, the opponent’s hand and the ball will be taken away!
The opposite is the same, and when the enemy has the ball, the hand that has the enemy’s ball and his hand overlap!

Deprived.It’s like love.I was in love like that… I’ve never been!

Don’t you think it’s easy just listening to this?

The operation is certainly easy, but it is difficult to grasp the knack!Deep in the back!It’s deep in the back!It’s the longest tunnel in the Switzerland!… It doesn’t matter!

And even 1on1 as well as this stage!


Trampoline!No, it’s a hindrance if you think normally!

Character Open Chance!CAREER mode

This is the mode you aim to be in the period!The number of the one like the calendar in the lower right represents the remainder of the game, and it climbs up in the period.

In addition, it is a chance that the character is opened to a large amount here!



Are you getting along?2PLAYER mode

You can also play against two people using one terminal!Operation together!

2PLAYER mode


To adhere to do in one terminal, no doubt that the distance of the two people also shrunk!I might as well do it with that girl I care about!

So, this time I tried to do with the senior ‘ worshipful Start ‘ of the office!

Mr. Worshipful

Worshipful-San when it was teamed with the former R mania, I’m the one who had been cast in the legendary planning to escape from uninhabited island in Swan boat in the program called Radio Boy!
Former Mr. Partner is the manager of ANZEN Manzai-san!I used to work at a contact lens shop in front of Shibuya station.… Worshipful’s information is good enough!

I decided to try it immediately!

Play with Worshipful

Play with Worshipful

No, I’m in close contact!

Even in the cross play why so much trouble!

Cross Play

I was more closely!The operation was messed up!

All right, then!I’ll stick to more!
Ghost/NEW York Phantom Play!

Ghost/New York Phantom Play

It’s not the bluster of the sticking points!
The person who did not come to the pin searches for “ghost/New York phantom”!


So [Dunkers] is a great game of various ways to play and deep back can be handy!
… At the beginning, what did he say that he was not good at basketball?

Everyone, the password when you play this game,

In ‘ I


Round and Round”

That’s right!

It’s a good Dunkers life!

It’s over!

Rating of this game (10 points!)

[Arm joints okay?Degree]… 8 poi
nts [Degree of BGM is not far from the head]… 9 points
[degree of fun even if you are poor basketball]… 10 points

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