The new era name is determined by the Japanese.The remainder of Heisei, the smartphone also reborn to a new generation?Mobile junction of Ryuji Ikehata

The new era name is determined by the Japanese.The remainder of Heisei, the smartphone also reborn to a new generation?Mobile junction of Ryuji Ikehata

Today, it was announced that the new original issue was decided by the government. It came to see the retrospective of Heisei in various media approaching the end of Heisei, but I tried to consider how the smartphone is showing signs of change for the age of the new decree.

About 10 years ago, smartphones for consumers Japan launched.

From now, about ten years ago, in July 2009, a AndroidOS smartphone called HT-03A from DoCoMo was released.

Android was equipped with a trackball.

The iPhone, which was released in Japan, was the first iPhone3G to be released from SoftBank in June 2008 two years ago.

Since the first iPhone is the only network format GSM, it has not been released in Japan, and first appeared in the second generation.

Compared to the current smartphone, the processing speed, UI, UX and the like are never good things.However, the smartphone sold as consumer use and entertainment use was off to a very impactful start compared with the smartphone sold in the country Japan the application for the enterprise was put out to the front. However, the first was the form of a mobile phone used by the early adapter layer. Originally released from the difference between the character input “can not become a standard” or “It is too bad to have a battery” there were many negative opinions such as, now it is a natural machine that everyone has.A variety of services have been developed with a focus on smartphones, and it has become an indispensable part of life in the heart of a variety of cultures.

Expanding smartphone share

Although it is such a smart phone, according to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the data in 2010 did not reach 9.7% and 10%, but in 2017, the ratio of smartphones with a total ownership rate of about 95% of the mobile terminal was about 75%.It seems that the numbers are going up even further in 2019.

With the exception of users who use feature phones, most users would use smartphones to become eligible users. In fact, the number of units sold by each manufacturer and the functions and specifications as hardware are settling down, and the growth period seems to calm down once.

The emergence of a new genre of smartphones?Or

Now, the prefix is longer, but I want to introduce because there is a terminal that I purchased the other day. This terminal is a terminal that is not acquired the “Technical standards conformity certification” required for use in Japan, it is necessary to be careful because it may be punished if you use in Japan.I purchased it for the purpose of the test use in “Shield room” held by Webrage company. First of all, this terminal.

Gaming smartphone released by Black Shark Technolog, a company owned by Xiaomi
Gaming smartphone released by Black Shark Technolog, a company owned by Xiaomi
Gaming smartphone released by Razer, a gaming device manufacturer
Gaming smartphone released by Razer, a gaming device manufacturer

These terminals are both gaming smartphones and are specialized in game play. If you say what is specifically specialized, both manufacturers are equipped with features such as a unique game app booster, and the clock up when you start the game app, to be comfortable operation of the game it is intended to do the processing that concentrated on, It is equipped with the function which can be easily set to make it easy to play the key mapping when the game controller of an external accessory is connected easily. The hardware is putting a force on the cooling function of the terminal with each manufacturer. Razer has a large heatsink inside, and BlackShark is equipped with a pipe for water cooling, which reduces the processing speed caused by heat generation when playing a high-load game. But there is a genre called gaming smartphone, but honestly, although the only set of game play can be on the software, in the other place is the current situation is only part of the “gaming smartphone” is small. Such as the design of the terminal is a design like a gaming PC and equipped with a light on the back colorful lights, there is little part that is said to be gaming in the other. It is often equipped with the best parts in the release timing, such as chip set and memory involved in the operation, the game play can be done comfortably, but it is not that the thing that has been customized for the game is installed. Therefore, it is expected that it will be difficult to differentiate when a new flagship model smartphone comes out.


In the future, the position as a gaming smartphone will be established, if the market is large may also be able to chip dedicated, this gaming smartphone, I think that it is a favorable evolution in preparation for the second demand thinking from the smartphone possession rate that has already spread. I hear the word “real charge”, but it is a market with a large revenue in in-game purchases.The strategy that moves the purchase willingness to the game which moves money to the game is comfortable might increase.In fact, the company is advancing marketing that it is possible to operate comfortably by tying up a certain title at the time of the gaming smartphone sale. In recent years, there is no major innovation, in the case of targeting the demand of gaming smartphone in the smartphone market, rather than aiming to replace the user’s smartphone, It may be that it is easy to increase the share to aim at the second demand of the user who plays the smartphone game well. In 2019, when a smartphone with a folding LCD screen and a smartphone compatible with 5G communication is released, information comes out from each manufacturer. The gaming smartphone that is between the change of this big smartphone is like looking at the netbook that caused the boom in the past by PC. Are you going to integrate with the technological innovations that will happen in the future, or will you evolve your own? I would like to continue to watch the gaming smartphone I love the game.

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