[Mobile industry, Heisei and the era] from flat plate to folding type.The smartphone that changed with Heisei [shape] | Yasuhiro Yamane’s World Mobile Report

[Mobile industry, Heisei and the era] from flat plate to folding type.The smartphone that changed with Heisei [shape] | Yasuhiro Yamane’s World Mobile Report

Many people think that a recent smartphone has more of a similar design.Since the iPhone appeared in 2007, each manufacturer focused on the development of smartphones with touch panel operations.The terminal with the keyboard which was popular at one o’clock is still a few models of the BlackBerry. Before the iPhone appeared, however, there were various forms of mobile phones and smartphones. I would like to see how the design of mobile phones and smartphones changed, and now we will look back to the future of the past, as soon as the Heisei era ends. How did the smartphone design change?how did the design of the smartphone change?

Mobile phone digitized with the dawn of Heisei

Mobile phones are “mobile”, “phone”, or communication equipment to call.The initial cell phone was an analogue communication method.Therefore, the quality of the call was not so good. Since 1990, it will change to a digital system in every country in the world.It had just changed from the Showa era to Heisei.The common “GSM” system was adopted in Europe and Asia, allowing the same terminal to be used across countries.The Japan has adopted the “PDC” method, and will follow its own path for a while.

I used to carry it from my shoulder.It was also hard to "mobile"

the old one carries it from the shoulder.It was also hard to “carry”

the size of the mobile phone which was huge at first will be downsized every year.Various design changes, such as folding or eliminating the antenna, were made. In order to communicate with each other, the number key was used not only to hit the phone number but also as a character input device.Therefore, it was necessary to arrange the shape and the number key to press easily. After that, I-mode began in Japan, and mobile phones changed to information gathering and entertainment tools.The display went from monochrome to color, and the size became larger.And this move will expand overseas as well.When the photo mail began to spread in the Japan, the camera was installed also in the overseas terminal.

The Japan i-mode appearance changed the design of the mobile phone.
peared to change the design of the phone

Japan mobile phones were the world’s best in the decade

Japan mobile phones are becoming more and more powerful, and the folding design has become the mainstream for carrying large displays.With a high-quality camera, it became so much that we didn’t have to use digital cameras for everyday photos. The business model that the mobile carrier offered the terminal almost free of charge, and recovered it at the communication fee later Japan succeeded, and the “Galapagos” progressed rapidly. WAP appeared in foreign countries as an I-mode counter, but the difference in functionality of the terminal between the entry model and the high-end model is severe, and it is difficult to receive the same service on all mobile phones as Japan. The mobile phone was compact to the palm of the hand, and the size which was easy to hold was liked.Japan is the opposite of movement. Soon, smartphones will appear overseas.It was a movement around 2002.It was powerless compared with the current smartphone, but at that time, the icon lined up in the large 2-inch display, I was able to connect to the net and put the favorite app.Because there was no SNS, the communication line was not so fast as to flushable the video, and it was a photograph of “multimedia content” because the e-mail and short message (SMS) were the mainstream of communication.

Motorola Symbian OS smartphone released not only overseas but also Japan
hat was released not only overseas but also Japan

Nokia was the conquering of the world market in the early days of smartphones.We will launch a new product every month.With the start of the 3G service, the speed of communication was dramatically faster, and it became practical to work with smartphones, and a lot of smart phones with keyboards appeared from each company. The momentum of Nokia will continue to be a number of smartphones in the shape that can not be thought of now. “Close and mobile phone, full keyboard style when you lift the number key part to the center of the screen,” slide on the back of the display, the bottom half of the body, “close and large mobile phone style, A large screen and a full keyboard appear when opening from the side. Nokia will also have a big impact on the design of mobile phones around the world.

The "N-Gage" of Nokia that placed the screen in the center.There was a smartphone of such a design, too“N-Gage” of Nokia that placed the screen in the center.There was also a smartphone with such a design

The iPhone has changed the world in the advent of the 2008

Nokia was showing overwhelming strength to hold 40% of the world’s share of the moment.However, when the iPhone was announced in 2007, the flow of the times changes suddenly.And in the 20 ‘s, iPhone is going to put out a model that has been improved as every year, it became the most popular product in the developed countries if you notice. “Cover all users with a few models” the iPhone’s product development will lead the smartphone design to a “flat” style.The design of the smartphone which is not unusual now.IPhone has affected all manufacturerse design that is not unusual now.To counter the iphone’s

iPhone’s impact on all manufacturers, Google has entered the smartphone market with the Android OS.The first model “T-Mobile G1” (HTC Dream) is a product with a complex gimmick that the display portion is shifted to rotate and the keyboard appears.Probably the world’s first Android smartphone layer is a geek and early adopters, so there was an idea that you would not be satisfied with just the iPhone faux. Then HTC, and Samsung will continue to put out the Android smartphone one after another.The number of participating manufacturers is increasing, and if you notice, most of the smartphones in the world will be occupied by Android. With more and more uniform terminals, a variety of design devices will come out if the number of smartphones increases. The smartphone with the keyboard is not only the vertical type of the BlackBerry style, but also the horizontal type that the keyboard under the display can slide sideways. However, when the screen size of the smartphone becomes large, and the sensitivity of the touch panel increases, the soft keyboard displayed on the screen will be able to input a high speed enough.The smartphone with the keyboard has faded with the size of the smartphone.

BlackBerry solitary struggling with a smartphone with a keyboard
rtphone with a keyboard

On the other hand, the smartphone and the camera were fused, and some products with a large lens on the back came out. Samsung’s “Galaxy Camera”, such as the appearance is a compact digital camera, but when you look at the monitor part Android is running “Digicamersumaho” was.Some smartphones have appeared on smartphones for users who want to take pictures with higher quality, but the size of the camera sensor and the high image quality are rapidly progressing. In addition, the manufacturer supplying this kind of lens will be lost with the decline of the compact digital camera market. It has come to be equipped with an ultra-high-resolution camera such as 48 million pixels even in a smart phone of the usual design now.Samsung's "Galaxy S4 Zoom" is a digital camera that looks.I don't see a smart phone like this now.

Samsung’s “Galaxy S4 Zoom” that looks like a digital camera.I don’t see a smart phone like this now.

As the performance of smartphones went up in this way, the features that were required to be retrofitted by the hardware also came to be built into the smartphone body. Now, Motorola’s “Z” series has become the product which can unite the attachment to the smartphone.It is an age when one smartphone can do anything.

In Heisei 30, changes in smartphone design occur

However, in 2018, when Heisei 30 years have come, a major change in the design of smartphones arises.Moreover, the product of a new design was born one after another by not only the one that an anticipated to the other party product right but also each maker invented the idea independently. The first change is the design around the front camera.In 2017, when iPhone X adopted a notch design with a notch at the top of the screen, the craze spread to other manufacturers in a flash. However, in 2018, the product of the design which hides even the front camera appeared one after another in “Notch abolition”.And, it was a Chinese maker who invented such a change. OPPO and Vivo Adopt a design that can be housed inside from the top of the main body when the front camera is made into a sunken body type and not used.Honor’s Mi MiX 3 and Farway’s sub-brand, Magic 2 was equipped with a front camera on the lower half side as a sliding body up and down. With this, both models have succeeded in “full screen” that the front of the smartphone is all display.

Front camera Popping Vivo NEX

front camera popping in Vivo NEX

The advantage of full screen is that there is no wasted space on the display, so the content can be displayed in a wider area.You can view more than one line from a display with a notch on the SNS timeline.You can also watch the video at the maximum screen size. As the “Tiktok” which showed the signs of the fashion from around 2017, if you use the service to stream the video to the vertical screen of the smartphone, it can be seen that the full-screen display is more immersive. On the other hand, the demand for the cell fee to be uploaded to SNS is higher than before, and the front camera is a must.Therefore, the number of terminals of the design “only when it is necessary” and “pull out a high-quality front camera” is increasing. The design that embedded the front camera in the corner of the display that the far way and Samsung introduced has the same effect.This design, also known as the punch hole display, also eliminates the wasted space on the top front face of the smartphone. In addition, a full-fledged product appeared in both screen smartphones.Nubia’s “Nubia X” is equipped with a color display on the back side of the smartphone, and displays the screen saver which moves not only the notification display but also directs the “back with movement”.The double-sided smartphone was a monochrome screen until then, but the quality of information that can be displayed by the color was increased. The smartphone “FlexPai” equipped with a “folding display” that Samsung had been trying to commercialize over several years appeared from Royole.If you open it, you can enjoy movies and reading in tablet size, and I close my a smartphone that can operate one hand.

"FlexPai" with the world's first commercialized and curved display by royole

“FlexPai” with Royole, the world’s first commercially available and curved display

5G starts to change the smartphone design

In 2019, smartphones that have lost all buttons and terminals are also announced.A fully single board smartphone makes the waterproof design easier.The development of the case also increases the degree of freedom. “Zero”, where the Meizu was raising its stake in crowdfunding, unfortunately failed to raise funds, but it is sure to be commercialized from a manufacturer somewhere in the future as the design of the next generation of smartphones. And in February, Samsung and Huawei unveiled their smartphones with a series of folding displays.In the same month Spain, the world’s largest telecommunications event, “MWC19”, was held in Barcelona, and TCL exhibited a concept model of the same shape.Energizer “Power Max P8100S” made by a minor manufacturer, such as exhibiting a mock-up, was able to feel the trend of mounting a curved display.

TCL's curved smart phone concept modelTCL’s curved smartphone concept model

when we look at the transformation of mobile phones and smartphone designs over the last 30 years, various design models have emerged to meet the changing uses of consumer devices.At times, we tried to improve the performance of the hardware, but considering the ease of use of smartphones, it is the right direction to bring together the size and weight of the product. But when 5G starts, you don‘t even have to download a video because you can use gigabit high-speed communications, and you can watch it streaming anytime you want.You might want to look at the bigger screen on the train if you are on the move. Even if you do not bother to have a tablet separately from a smartphone, you can achieve both a “large screen” and “compact size with one hand” on a smartphone with a folded display. 5G also has low latency characteristics.In other words, the reaction rate increases.With this combined with edge computing and the cloud, advanced 3D games can be played comfortably by placing them on the remote side without storing apps or data on the smartphone itself.If that happens, you will want to play a game on the big screen with a cup of coffee at the café.A smartphone with a display that can be folded in this area is useful. Of course, not all smartphones will be designed to bend the screen.But if you want to enjoy the content at least more comfortably, you’ll like a bigger display.The design that hides the front camera will be adopted by each company, and new ideas may be born. The 10-year smartphone market will have a significant change in the content experience at the start of 5G.In addition, all the things around you will be able to feel stress without delay and connect with each other.When the battery of the smart watch is lost, it is possible to charge only by piling on the smartphone, and because the function has been realized, it is thought that the product which thinks about the body design in the smart watch and the set will come.

5G changes the use of smartphones and changes the design
e the smartphone

The next decade will not only evolve the hardware, but also change the design of the smartphone to match the app, service, and content.We do not know what a new service unique to the 5G era will be.Smart phone manufacturers want to develop products that are not only easy to use but also exciting to have and use.

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