[Mobile industry, Heisei and the era] history of reading from mobile phone games | Mobile junction of Ryuji Ikehata

[Mobile industry, Heisei and the era] history of reading from mobile phone games | Mobile junction of Ryuji Ikehata

About 25 years ago, at that time I had to play and defeat the PDA (* 1) in possession of several.Then, it inevitably migrated to the pager and PHS, and the cell phone was used. At first, the mobile phone is also a tool of the work, it was not the object of the collection and research as of now, “DoCoMo NOKIA NM502i” That was purchased casually became a trigger to now.

on the cover where the numeric keypad slides.The cell phone of a similar mechanism was used in the popular movie at that time and it became a topic.※ Because there was no actual machine, the image of the instruction manual at the time.

The NM502i was released in 2000, but I like the stylish design that I have never seen before and I am still remembering what I have been thinking of using it for a long time. The 503 series was released from the DoCoMo one year later, and the model was changed to a mobile phone named D503i, and it was thought that I would continue to use the NM502i in the design. Because the mobile phone at that time was a sale in the form of rental, it was shock that the terminal which had been used at the time of the model change had to be returned.Of course it is a terminal that became addicted to the mobile phone that was purchased again for collection. Why did you change your phone so much that you liked it?That was the reason why I wanted to use the “I App” for services released from DoCoMo. This I-app service is a Java application, with a file size of 20 kilobytes or so.I downloaded it from a dedicated site and used it. In the lineup of this application, the shooting game that became crazy when you were in elementary school was released, I changed the model. I have a feeling of excitement just imagining that I can play games when I was little in the small liquid crystal of a mobile phone that fits in the palm of my hand.

* 1 PDA: Personal Digital Assistant is a small information terminal to manage the schedule and ToDo, etc., the late model was equipped with a telephone function.The mobile phone also started to be equipped with PDA functions and was absorbed into the smartphone.

The game has contributed to mobile evolution?Why buy a cell phone?

In writing this article, I thought about the timing and the reasons for buying a mobile phone. As of now, I have purchased several mobile phones a month, and I carry about five cars at all times.Since it is replaced by rotation from among them, it is often not used in about three months. For a little general usage, from people “What should I buy?”When is the timing good to replace?Because it is often questioned, I tried to consider from the question and answer. What I can say in common with both the question and my answer is that “the software I want to use is comfortable” is tightening the majority. It is concluded that there are a lot of people who are considering the replacement of the mobile phone memory shortage, the processing speed shortage, and the corresponding OS problem. This is why it is important to talk about the history of mobile phones as an application. As mobile phones evolve, software that runs on mobile phones has evolved as well. And what is the most important contribution to the evolution of mobile phones, and what is the evolution of the application itself is not “mobile phone games”? The introduction of a little longer, but I want to see the evolution of mobile phone games.

History of mobile phone games

Late 1990s

A block puzzle game was installed on a mobile phone that was sold outside the system.The Nokia mobile phone was equipped with a game called “Snake”, but this Snake was also installed in the reprint version of Nokia8110 4G, which was sold last year.

as able to communicate by infrared.Of course, it is a monochrome liquid crystal.

1999 (Heisei 11)

From this year, each telecommunications company started Internet service. Browser game comes along with the start of the Internet.It is not the one that is offered now even if it is said that it is a browser game, and the thing of the operation like a simple puzzle game and Kamishibai was main.

2001 (Heisei 13)

The Java app service has been started by each telecommunications company.Mobile phones for Java apps were started to be sold together. A variety of mini-games are available at a monthly fee.

2003 (Heisei 15)

The size of the Java app has been expanded, and more rich games have started to emerge. The game also released a popular title, such as racing games and shooting games with a simplified version of console games.These titles were pre-installed on their mobile phones and were also used to promote mobile phone sales. The MMORPG (* 2) started to be released, and the remake of the title released at that time for smartphones is now available.

* 2 MMORPG: Large scale online (game) abbreviation, common data (server) often refers to a game to access and share with multiple people.

2005 (Heisei 17)

At that time, there was no word “smart phone”, but the original smartphone that the environment where the touch panel such as Windows CE (* 3) and Symbian (* 4) was installed and was able to be developed freely was provided appeared. This introduced the emulator of various consoles and became popular among the core fans.

eleased three years ago from the first iPhone.Ease of use compared to the current smartphone is the difference between the great difference was groundbreaking at that time.You can see the WEB site for PC, I was able to receive mail provider issued by setting the mailer.
* 3 Windows CE: Microsoft OS * 4 developed for POS, such as mobile phones, PDAS, and commercial cash registers. Symbian: OS developed for mobile phones and PDAS

2006 (Heisei 18)

SNS which can communicate between users in this year appeared, and “Social game” which linked with SNS for the member registered with the platform appeared and becomes a social phenomenon. From this time, the billing method for the game has become an item charge, and the style to win the game is paid money from “pay to Win” from the culture of buying games with money.

2008 (Heisei 20)

Apple’s first “iPhone 3G” in the country has been released from Softbank.In the same year, the Android smartphone “HT-03A” was released from NTT DoCoMo. Since the game for smartphones was still a lot of foreign games, the “Pay to Play” system was occupied by the app, and the game of the tower defense system was prevalent.

IPhone 3G
it was sold exclusively by SoftBank.There were a number of users who were unfamiliar with the new way of interacting with the interface, but now the user is faster than the keyboard input flick input that manipulates the touch panel.Operation of the game = controller was changed by the advent of the iPhone.
erminal in Japan was released from DoCoMo.Unlike now, a dedicated OS Android OS compared to the iPhone is slow operating speed, the start had struggled.

2013 (Heisei 25)

The game of various genres was born with the performance improvement of a smartphone. Almost everything appeared to be a genre of good enough to say. Due to the spread of the “Pay to Win” game, which was born in the era of feature phone, the risk of initial investment decreased, the threshold of starting the game fell, The smartphone game market has expanded rapidly as it has successfully enclosed non-game users. However, the existence of so-called “Gacha billing” escalates, the number of play difficulty of the gacha premise increases, the scheme of smartphone game = Billing game is born.

2017 (Heisei 29)

The game which used the function unique to the smartphone has appeared, too. The game which uses the “GPS” installed in the smartphone, the game which uses the camera, and the “acceleration sensor” is used to operate the games. Moreover, the game which became a boom in this year is a game of “Battle Royale” system.It is a game to play against multiple names, until the last one. This game is characterized by having to play with the smartphone sideways, many of the users who have been playing while commuting to school, the scene was seen to play with the screen sideways. With the advent of this game, the common sense that unpopular only vertical games in the Japan domestic began to crumble, and appeared many games of play sideways.

Gaming smartphone [BLACK SHARK]

in recent years, gaming smartphones specializing in gameplay have been released from each manufacturer.

Mobile phone games and smartphones

Due to the characteristics of the service, there are many unfortunate images that cannot be shown.It might have been able to tell the history of a rough cell phone game though there was a slight subjectivity, too. A mobile phone was born, a game was created using the network, and the game became rich as hardware evolved. There has been a change in the way we purchase games to use gameplay, and the method of paying money if the user is fun to play has settled.There are some things that have escalated slightly, but from now on “pay to Play” as changed to “pay to Win”, “Pay to Fun” I think that will change the shape of the purchase to the fans of the game title. The evolution of hardware has now calmed down, and smart phones have become quite sophisticated graphics games. How do you decide to make a fan of this environment in the future will be the one that is required for the game from now on?

Is the smartphone the first to pull the era?Game first?

On the other hand, there is a new technological revolution going on in smartphone devices that end Heisei.One of them is a new communication technology, which is said to be 5G. Unlike the communication system, which is said to be 4G up to now, it becomes possible to carry out large-capacity communication without delay. This year, it is a folding LCD smartphone that is scheduled to be released by each company. In the larger liquid crystal, it is possible to display information more than ever.In addition to simply expanding the display, we want to look forward to the next generation of games, with 5G, which game makers create new interfaces.

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