Health management of cats with IoT│ Yuichi Kogure’s mobile walking path

 Health management of cats with IoT│ Yuichi Kogure’s mobile walking path

I found an interesting IoT goods. It is a smart cat toilet “toletta” equipped with a camera that recognizes the face of the cat.

A camera or sensor is attached to the cat’s toilet, and a patented “cat face recognition system” automatically discriminates a plurality of domestic cats, automatically measures the weight at the time of the toilet, or when the toilet was used The times, stay time, elapsed time, etc. can be recorded in the cloud and applications can be checked.
In addition, it is said that the version upgrade which can measure the number and quantity of peeing will be performed by this fall.

Smart cat toilet “toletta” toilet and app

By the way, why do you monitor this toilet?
Cats are animals that, when they get sick, do not show any physical upset until they are really ill and can not help. So it happens that the disease gets worse before the owner notices and it was too late when he noticed.

For example, urinary calculus is suspected if you go to the bathroom but do not go out, or if the frequency of the bathroom is extremely low. Conversely, if you drink a lot of water and go to the bathroom frequently, it may be a sign of kidney disease. Cats are prone to urinary tract diseases such as urinary calculi and chronic renal failure, and can be fatal.
If you notice and take care of any such change in your physical condition, you may be able to extend the life of the cats.

toletta is developed under the supervision of a veterinarian based on veterinary medicine. Here, Dr. Enomoto, director of “AC Plaza Kariya Animal Hospital Kasaibashi Animal Hospital” who cooperated with the development of toletta, and Hori president of Hachitama Co., Ltd., who is the developer and distributor of toletta, “to make the cats happy” The talk of the future is published. I also recommend that veterinarians.

Even so, Hachitama Co., Ltd., who developed and sold this smart cat toilet, really loves cats so that they can see the website everywhere, and it is communicated that they are doing business for cats. The corporate philosophy is “If the cat is happy, people can be more happy.” That’s right .
By the way, “toletta Nyanbasada”, who is using this smart cat toilet toletta, is sending information via SNS too cutely 🙂

The cat that used to be in my home used to be unable to excrete at last and suffered from kidney failure. Speaking of cats that I have now, I often drink water recently and do not have lots of toilets. I am worried about it.
It is a smart toilet perfect for families who want to be aware of such a cat’s physical condition. How happy it is for cats to be able to monitor their health using IoT! (It is likely to be told by the family that you should take care of your own health before that.)

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