Asai Kikaku Game Club’s smartphone game introduction: The 12th “The daily life with zombies is surprisingly pop”

  Asai Kikaku Game Club’s smartphone game introduction: The 12th “The daily life with zombies is surprisingly pop”


It is a comedian “Mori Seiju” belonging to Asai Planning! I also played a smartphone game this time.

Brain training mini game “Finding zombies”

This time, I will try to do an application called “Finding zombies”.

Zombies, so scared to hear. The empowerment of fear. I’m sure I will see a lot of desperate magic and blood … I’m sure there will be a sad farewell with important people …
I don’t like it! That’s … no. Well, if you don’t like it, you have to do something! There is no choice but to find the zombies that are the culprit.

A battle that can not escape was about to begin. (I want to do it fast!)

Zombie vs Agent Mori 

When you open the app, there,

It was calmer than I imagined (pop than I thought!)
However, it is useless to be cautious. I made up my mind again.

If you look closely, zombies are mixed in with one person and one animal among many people. Everyone’s life is dangerous!
I see, it’s up to you to find out, kill, and destroy zombies like this.
I am the first police officer in charge of anti-zombie measures from now on.

The first site (stage) is “Aquarium”.
I see, it’s an aquarium. Don’t let zombies like this fun packed place for everyone! I will definitely find out!


Suddenly, I feel uplifting (BGM is cute). No! Focus on zombie eradication!

There are zombies in this. Chi, where are you hiding? ? After all there are many people and it is difficult to find.
Where is! Where is it! Contrary to the hard search, only time passes.
Then, what? Isn’t there more green people? And fall into a sense of experience aha.


No! There are too many green people and it’s hard to tell which one is a zombie.
Looking at the infection rate 74%! ? The tempo is rising as BGM also gets on.
So much! Damn, but I’m not good at it. Calm calmly. But there is no time!

I was jealous of my helplessness. It’s always been a long time ago, always looking away from important scenes.
I’m a weak person. But I also hate that everyone is going to be a zombie! But I can not do anything. But, …, no, not “but”! !
After all it is not going to change anything? I can not change unless I try to change myself!
The world is the world that is deprived, the only way it can not be deprived. It’s about getting stronger.

Then I found something as I said “I’m there” in my heart. If you look at the lower right, you will find a person who seems to be trying to hide somehow. Check with the lower right scope (magnifying glass).


It’s a zombie! ! There is no doubt that this target is a wanted zombie.
I didn’t think I was hiding like that! I was late but
This is the first investigator Mori. Find zombies behind men sitting on a bench near the bottom right. I will deal with it. I repulsed the zombie (tap).


Dealing with zombies is complete. I repulsed. (Correct answer yo !!)

However, I am not happy. The infection rate has exceeded 90 percent. If there were 100 people, more than 90 people would have been sacrificed. Did I not protect people? However, you should be ahead of yourself at that time. I will find it sooner this time!
Mori First Investigator is recognized for this achievement and promoted to Senior Investigator.

The next site (stage) is “school”.
At first we look around, and discover zombie of the so-called slate. It deals with the problem.


Handling completed. I repulsed. (Fast to find !?)
The infection rate is 16 percent, this is more familiar than learning. It was able to identify the zombies accurately and quickly with certainty. The eradication of rage begins here.
Repel zombies one after another in the final phase.


It was a very difficult spot with only the final stage. However, there is no difference for the Investigator Morioka, who has made it to the Hundred Battles. With his sharpened intuition and sharp eyes, he discovered and defeated zombies. In recognition of this achievement, the Morigami and other investigators were promoted to associate professors.

But this is not the end. There is no doubt that the crisis of the world will come.
To prepare for that, the forest will continue to face itself from now on.


A new journey “finding”

This app has finally found a zombie and cleared it! There were other subquest elements as well. That is the search for a bonus. Even though the quality was high just by looking for zombies, there were more elements to be added by looking for this option.

There is a field that says “Omake” on the screen of zombie search from a while ago. Are you an offer? Are you looking for zombies? What kind of monster bonus is it? I thought. But apparently it was not such a scary system.


At first there is a silhouette as a hint in this option column. I found “banana” and “donut” by relying on the silhouette (whether zombies don’t matter)
You can also find the leftmost bonus by relying on the silhouette.


Maybe this is it!
The tap was correct. No, not harder than looking for zombies! ? The real thing can not be identified very much because it is quite small and only the silhouette. It is quite a bonus looking for this bonus.

Since I decided to write this article midway through the search for the bonus, I have not been able to search for all the bonus yet. It is still in a state of enjoyment. I’m searching for a lot.

Ultimate stoic “infinite mode”

There is a mode called “infinite mode” aside from zombie search and option search. This is how you can go to the zombie search without failing nonstop.
The stage is a known place, but the place of zombies is changing properly.
Moreover, if you think that you are going smoothly, it will suddenly be difficult. In addition to that, I think that I don’t want to stop the number of times I’ve accumulated, and I’m getting more and more nervous and people who aren’t zombies at all seem to be zombies and fail.


I feel like I can do it for the rest of my life.
What I want to do with my friends is “infinite mode”.

After all, wanting to do with family and friends all “Finding zombies”

In the application description column of zombie search
“This game not only improves your observational skills, but can also be enjoyed as a hunt for mistakes in brain training. You can play with confidence from adults to children.”
It was written.
Certainly the speed of finding zombies is rising and I feel that my observation skills are rising!
At first I heard that it was a zombie, and if I thought it was about R15, there was no cruel scene at all, and it was a messy pop and it was not R at all!


Honestly I did not expect until then, but it would be more fun as I did it
It is an application that you can do alone when there is a little time, and you can compete in multiple endless modes, and you can enjoy various ways.

Let’s play for the moment “Finding zombies”.

Rating of this game (10 points!)

[Doing] … 9 points
[Pop] … 9 points
[Attachment to snail eyes] … 10 points

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