Mobile link watch different from smart watch|CATEGORY Mobile junction of Ryuji Ikehata

 Mobile link watch different from smart watch|CATEGORY Mobile junction of Ryuji Ikehata

As a mobile phone researcher, I own and use gadgets that work with various smartphones as well as smartphones, but this time I would like to write about smart watches and mobile link watches.

Sensor Apple Watch, Design Wear OS Smart Watch

Up to now, we have used 1st-3rd Apple Watch and Google Wear OS smartwatch with multiple items such as those from mobile phone makers and fashion brands.

What can be said about any manufacturer’s watch is that the basic functions are the same and there are differences in design?
Many smart watches equipped with Wear OS vary in design and liquid crystal size and shape, so the usability when using them often changes.
Among them, Apple Watch is equipped with a high-performance sensor, and the acquisition of biometric information is one step ahead.

It is a basic smart watch function, but it consists of biometric information management that acquires pulse, life log, etc., a function that displays smartphone notification information, a wallet function such as Felica, and a remote control function that operates the music player of the smartphone.
There is also a design change function that customizes the clock face of the watch to suit the clothes and scene.
Android has a lot of customization features, and it looks better than Apple Watch.

Smartwatch is not fully used

Here’s how to use my smart watch. Once purchased, you can use all the features installed in your operating system right away, but you can only customize the dial (the LCD section) and use it as a clock.
The author always carries five smartphones and feature phones and works with the smartphones in their hands. Most of the information is visible on smartphones, so the watch features don’t seem to be fully utilized. Life log management has become cumbersome on the road and has not been used.

I was thinking about purchasing Apple Watch 4th. However, I was searching for the best watch based on how to use it. So I bought a watch sold by CASIO so I would like to introduce it.


Package photo
Package is spectacular to match the watch

Price: ¥ 120,000 + tax
Specifications / Functions: Carbon bezel, rust prevention structure, triple G resist (various impact resistant structures), spherical surface glass, anti-reflective coating sapphire glass, neoblite, carbon fiber insert band, tough solar, radio wave reception function, mobile link function Some excerpts

Product HP: CASIO site


Considering again the functions that I want from the user’s usage image

1:When using a smartphone, you can see the time.

Diagonal dial
Time can be grasped with spherical glass even when viewed from an angle.

2:Charging is troublesome (I don’t want to increase the number of devices to be charged).

Charging pin
Solar charging from fluorescent light in daily usage

3:We want you to connect with smartphone, but it is good level that smartphone assists clock rather than cutting out information of smartphone

The app
Time adjustment is possible without operating the watch with G-SHOCK Connected

4:It is waterproof, dustproof and shockproof because it goes to camping.

Sinking in the river
As expected, G-SHOCK is waterproof and shock-resistant

Although this G-SHOCK has cleared all the above four items at a high level, I tried to purchase it without hesitation, although it entered into a high classification as G-SHOCK.

Although it is a large design, it is light and comfortable to wear against titanium and carbon.
There are a lot of buttons, and it tends to be thought that you can not do it without looking at a thick manual such as time correction, but when you install and start up the dedicated application G-SHOCK Connected, the clock graphic is displayed, I think that it can be operated without hesitation because it is a simple manual.

Functions available in the app

In addition, this G-SHOCK Connected is equipped with a function that allows you to reach an itchy place where you can’t do complicated things by connecting the GWR-B1000 and your smartphone via Bluetooth.

1・Time correction, setting

Time adjustment screen
You can set the world time and home time from your smartphone and skip the time on your watch. Time setting is possible without touching the watch.

2・Alarm timer setting

Alarm setting screen
It is possible to set the alarm time and timer time from the smartphone and skip to the wristwatch.

3・Ability to find a smartphone

Manual screen
You can search for a place by ringing your smartphone by pressing and holding the button on your watch.


This is almost all the functions that can be done on the app, but when you go to sleep in the bedroom, you can set an alarm with a shining smartphone and send the time to the watch, but it’s a function that can really reach the itch.

Unlike a smart watch, this product is a watch, and the cooperation with a smartphone is not to display information on the smartphone on the watch, but the leading role is a watch and the smartphone is simple and easy to use that supports the watch It is.

When the time of outdoor life increases for summer, I would like to use this GWR-B1000 G-SHOCK that can be used without worrying about water and dirt.

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