CATEGORY Introduction of smartphone games of Asai Kikaku Game Club

Play a simple smartphone game played in the gap time, centering on the Asai planning game club belonging talent. I will review it from the viewpoint of the entertainer’s unique talent!

  • 2019.04.16
  • 2019.04.23

Introduction of the smartphone game of Asai planning game: The 11th meeting of Fate with "cute" him!」

How do you do!It is Maho Hashimoto of the Asai planning game department. I also love to play games on PS4, switch and game consoles!Here is what I introduce this time. Pinball × monster breeding battle [Pinball Butlers] Pin-dove for short!It is a game where the Ally Monster becomes a ball, and the enemy is defeated using Monster's body hit and magic. And this game, what a Gacha!All monsters are available as Battle rewards. I installed the app with a […]

  • 2019.04.05
  • 2019.04.23

Introduction of the smartphone game of the Asai Planning Game Club: the 10th "in the round and round of the From I in my throat"

Thank you!ASAI Planning Game Club affiliation, the giant Jaian!This is the third time to appear!I’m already a veteran!… Don’t you know what I’m doing? Did you see the last baseball game article?[Blogcard url = “”] This is also popular, and where you have written that you want to drink with the author in the article, Let’s go and drink from the author on Twitter!Oh, wow!I did it!I’ll definitely go drinking!... Maybe it’s social polite!I know! Dunkers-Basketball Madness Now, I’ll introduce […]