Era name Amendment Special project!"Mobile industry, Heisei and New Era"

Mobile industry, Heisei and the new era

From shoulder phones to smartphones, the new era is 5G.Heisei is the history of mobile phone evolution

ERA name was amended on May 1, 2019, and the Heisei era, which lasted about 30 years, will be over.In the first half of the Heisei period, mobile phones owned by only limited people have evolved whirlwind in the 30 years.
In today’s world, cell phones are a must-have for each person’s own life.In particular, smartphones are not only a telephone but also an important communication tool, and advanced functions such as photography and video photography, Web browsing, and settlement are becoming more sophisticated.

It is not an exaggeration to say that Heisei is the history of the evolution of mobile phones.

At this time, the mobile General University has written a special article for three mobile phone researchers entitled “The mobile industry, the Heisei era and the new Age.”Each of the three companies will look back at the Heisei mobile industry in three different perspectives on “pricing plans and services,” “Terminal Design” and “content,” and talk about the prospects of the era!

Featured Articles

Mr. Yuichi Kogure

Yuichi KogureWatch mobile industry trends from the dawn of the year.Associate Professor, Aomori public University/Ph.D. (engineering).
Theme: Changes in mobile phone service pricing plans a
nd accompanying sales measures

Mr. Yasuhiro Yamane

Mr. Yasuhiro YamaneLiving abroad.He is an expert in overseas affairs, actively conducting exhibitions and market research around the world.
Theme: from flat plate to folding type.Smartphone that changed wit
h Heisei [shape]

Mr. Ryuji Ikehata

Mr. Takashi IkehataMany appearances including TV and radio.Familiar with mobile content, apps, and smartphone games.
Theme: Evolution of content viewed from mobile phone games


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